Anna Smallwood Workshop

May 25, 2019

14:00 - 16:00

Vinyasa Yoga, 2/61 Princes Highway


“Instructions for living life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.”
-Mary Oliver

Calling all explorative movers, who are willing to listen, explore, feel and flow through a non- linear practice, where we are moving from the language of deep felt sensation.

Yoga is a practice where we move, and are moved, and come alive.

It has the ability to allow us to drop out of the thinking mind, and into the felt sense of our body.
Many things in our culture leave us feeling disembodied, so we will explore practices that invite us to pay attention to the signs and symptoms of our aliveness.
As we will begin to marry meditation with the body, and movement with mindfulness, we discover a seamless embodied awareness that leads us back home.

Anna Smallwood: One time dancer, full-time Mumma,  long-time South Coast local and Yoginini.
Anna first began teaching Yoga in 2005 at Brahmani Yoga in Goa India, where she also trained. She spent nearly 10 years returning to Goa to teach, and immerse her self in practice.
Her teaching has led to her to many beautiful location around the globe, but even the most free spirited Yogi need a home to come back to every now and then. Anna found her’s tucked into a quiet pocket of working farm land in Berry on the beautiful Willow Farm.
In 2013 she opened the Berry Yoga Shala on Willow Farm.
Anna is forever grateful for the teachings of Julie Martin, Emil Wendel,   Clive Sheridan, and Rachel Hull, who have illuminated her Sadhana with their teachings.

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