At vinyasa yoga we don’t teach yoga because it’s
a job, we share the joy of yoga because it’s what we love.


Just as our teachers did with us, we want to enable you to apply the tools of Yoga in your own way to your own circumstances so that you can live your life, whatever that may be, to its fullest.

Asana Classes

Asana Classes Our asana classes are instructed in a flowing, dynamic style with an emphasis on correct postural alignment and control of the breath. Some classes will be faster and some slower, but in all of them you’ll be given a range of options for each posture so that you can work at your own pace at any point in time. Our teachers can give you modifications for each posture to work around any injuries or illnesses you may have; you just have to ask!

We have a range of classes suitable
for beginners through to advanced yogis

Pranayama Classes

Our pranayama classes focus specifically on conscious control of your breath, using particular patterns of breathing that affect your physiological and mental state. Although, sadly, pranayama is overlooked in many Yoga schools, working with your breath is one of the most direct ways to explore the connection between body and mind, and is essential for those wishing to take their yoga practice beyond the purely physical aspects. After all, Yoga without breath control is nothing more than gymnastics.

Private Classes

A private Yoga session offers a level of personal attention that simply isn’t possible in a group environment; perfect for working with more serious injuries or restrictions, clarifying and helping to overcome challenging postures and techniques, or making sure you haven’t fallen into bad habits. Email for details or to book a time with one of our teachers.

New to Yoga?

If you’ve never tried Yoga before, don’t worry; even the most experienced Yoga practitioners in the world had to start somewhere! Try not to eat for 1 hour (snack) to 3 hours (large meal) before the class starts, and try not to drink from around 15 mins before as well. Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in and won’t get too sweaty, and other than that just bring an open mind and a desire to try something new! Classes begin punctually at the stated time, so it’s best to arrive 5-10 minutes before class in order to get yourself settled.

Corporate Classes

We’re happy to help out with corporate Yoga sessions; they’re a great way to de-stress, boost workplace morale, and improve focus and productivity. Simply email with your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a range of options.

If you’ve never tried Yoga before, don’t worry;
everyone has to start somewhere!