Steven hinchliffe


“What we carry in our hearts is infinitely more precious than what we hold in our hands …”

Steven Hinchliffe

In 2000 I took my first Yoga asana class on the recommendation of a massage therapist I was seeing to treat a recurring shoulder injury caused by intensive rock climbing. The injury went but the Yoga stayed, and in late 2004 I was selected to undertake a two-year, one on one teacher training apprenticeship with Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy in Sydney, one of the few yoga schools in Australia still instructing teachers in this traditional way. Both Bianca and Simon are members of the Australian Physiotherapists Association, and as such my teaching integrates modern medical knowledge with the traditional forms and practices of Yoga.

I have also studied at length with Clive Sheridan, having attending numerous weekend workshops, a number of week-long retreats, and 2 of Clive’s 3-Week immersions in India. My other teachers include Shandor Remete, and Shyam Mishra of Varanasi.

I taught extensively with Yoga Synergy from 2005 before moving back to the Illawarra in early 2008, and brought with me a genuine love of Yoga in all its forms, and a desire to share this passion with others. I then taught at Younga Yoga in Wollongong for 4 years before starting the Vinyasa Yoga Shala in Fairy Meadow in mid-2012. I have been a teacher and speaker on numerous weekend retreats and has also run asana workshops and adjusting workshops (for teachers), and have also been interviewed by both AYL and AYJ.

I generally instruct a flowing style of asana, and place a strong focus on control of the breath, which is regarded as the subtle link between the body and mind and the key to unlocking the full potential of any yoga practice. I also teach pranayama classes, and have continued to study Yoga philosophy, particularly concentrating on how we can integrate the tools of meditation and inner focus to recognize the patterns of our individual mind, and in so doing discover the joy hidden in everyday life. 🙂 ॐ

Our Lineage

Clive Sheridan

Who introduced Steven to a deep practice of pranayama and meditation, and re-awakened his spiritual practice. Someone who exudes happiness with every breath, his personal realisations of Yoga philosophy demonstrate how to live in the world without being weighed down by it.

Bianca Machliss

Who taught Steven how to teach and how to adjust students in their postures, and continues to inspire with her honesty and attention to detail as well as being an incredible teacher who brings out the best in all of her students.

Simon Borg-Olivier

Who continues to inspire Yoga practitioners around the world with his incredible passion for yoga and knowledge of anatomy and physiology. He teaches others how to use this knowledge to enhance both their own yoga practice and their everyday life. Besides which, his asana practice is amazing!